Sunday, February 26, 2017

Why am I doing this ?


Because in February 2015 I turned 65 and finally retired after working for 46 years. After I finished school in 1968, did one year National Military Service which finished on the 16th. November 1968 and fifteen days later I started work. During these forty-six years of labour I never had any extended leave period except normal annual leave, apart from participating in five compulsory military training camps plus serving for a few months in the Angola War during 1975/76.

Everybody had been warned me that retiring after such a long working life that I would be bored to death if I did not keep myself busy. After a bit of thought and considering that I had created a few Web Pages already for myself and family businesses I decided to occupy myself by creating Web Pages/Sites on a commercial basis.

I’ve been doing this now for two years and I really enjoy it. It keeps me busy, I meet people and I enjoy the happiness it bring my clients.

So there is the answer to “Why am I doing this?”

If you interested in getting a webpage for your business, social club or craft market whatever! please contact me and I will be happy to create a site for you at a minimal cost.



Monday, February 20, 2017

Welcome to FlatPress!

This is a sample entry, posted to show you some of the features of FlatPress.

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