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WSBR will take care of all of your web requirements.

A true one stop shop !

Web Sites by Rollo (WSBR) specialises in producing websites for companies, organisations, special interest groups and for any business or social event.

If you want to be out there on the World Wide Web but don't wish to spend a fortune, contact WSBR for a quotation.

We offer a wide selection of options that will meet all your requirements.

Websites/web page design. Pages that are SEO friendly.

Obtaining your website’s name and registering it.

Arranging for the hosting of your website.

Setting up of a company Blog and also connecting to your company FaceBook

Domain Registration and hosting from as little as R317 per annum for a small site.

Setting up of company emails with your own Email address.


Plus :

On-going support and updates.

Services WSBR Offered

Wedding photo albums

Private photo albums

Sports events

Social events

Event invitations e.g. wedding or a party etc.

Other online products we offer

Over 65% of South Africans use tablets or mobile phones to browse the web. We produce websites specificallydesigned for these devices. Example : SIKOZO